Monday, January 21, 2013

Clinical Nerves

So after being on break for eight weeks, I hit clinicals again this week, which  means skills, skills, skills. I'm nervous as hell.  I haven't even SEEN an IV in 2 months, have yet to start one and am in the ICU, SICU, ED, and telemetry units over the next 7 weeks. So today I'm going to watch hawknurse videos on YouTube to try and increase my confidence with some review. I'm not normally nervous about clinicals..they're my favorite part of the nursing program. But I anticipate not much sleep tonight or tomorrow night. It's also our first full rotation which means we're there from report to report. Basically 0600-1900. Hopefully I won't do anything wrong that can't be easily undone. And hopefully I'll nail my first IV to help boost my confidence. I know I won't get them every time but the first time would be great! Wish me and my patients luck!


  1. Just a suggestion. I don't use a tourniquet on brittle old veins. I have better success at not blowing the vein without them.