Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bears and okra

Ever since I have committed to hiking in 2017 and have been voraciously devouring all things AT, I have had this recurring dream about bears. It's always the same. I'm hiking and look down and there's an adorable cub. But I'm smart so I'm not captivated by it's cuteness, I'm terrified and try shooing it away (yes, it's not a mosquito but you know dreams). I know where there's a cub, there's a mom. So I look up and sure enough, mama bear is coming down the hill, charging me at top speed. I'm scared to death when it stops short of me and is in my face. But I offer it some raw okra and it and the cub eat it and leave. So pack some okra when hiking. =)  p.s. For the record, I hate okra and would never have it on my person or think to bribe a bear with it. But you never know....

Welcome to my inner world...I'm constantly entertained.

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