Saturday, March 9, 2013

Been awhile...some big decisions

So I haven't posted in awhile which isn't good, I know. When my personal life tanks, I tend to isolate and I know that's not good either. It has been a really rough few weeks but I'm hoping things are turning around.

First things first...definitely on the divorce track. And this time I'm more than fine with it. I'm ready to be done with all this bullshit. Seriously, it's been a long and difficult 10+ years and I found out some things I just knew I could not recover from so there you have it. I graduate in 62 days, hopefully with a job in hand so I'm praying to be out of here by August at the latest. I didn't think I would want to start over at this point in my life but honestly, today is my birthday and the 2 people I live with haven't said a word to me and I have zero plans today because my social circle is wrapped up in my marriage so right now I'm pretty isolated. Definitely ready to move on, make some new friends who will appreciate having me in their lives and find some peace and happiness. It's a new season.

And for some GREAT news....I have a "soft" interview for my dream job on Monday. I found out the hospice I've been volunteering for does hire new grads ("as long as they're not 12" quote, lol) and they want to meet with me. I'm so excited I can hardly hold still!!!!  Send up some prayers/juju/whatever my way please!

My wonderful parents are giving me one of their cars so I can leave our van with the spouse and get my half out of it since it's paid off. This will be a huge advantage in helping me get out of here. Yes, at 45 (oops, 46 today!) it's a little humiliating to have your parents give you a car but I need all the help I can get right now so I'll take it. They are so amazing. God has been good to me where family is concerned for sure!

So...hope all of you out there are doing great and you haven't forgotten about me. Seeing some light at the end of the tunnel and decided to come out from under my rock. It's a new day!!

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