Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pay it forward...

Well, I'm kind of speechless today. It's been a big week! With everything that's been going down the toilet for years and my marriage finally ending for real, some sun broke through this week. I was able to meet with our local hospice about coming on as a new graduate. She's going to call me next week about when I can start to shadow the RNs BEFORE I graduate so I can hit the ground running after. No "official" job offer but it sure sounds promising!  AND...a girl with whom I grew up in the same neighborhood lives in the Florida Keys and we've been talking for the last year or so via Facebook IM. Chip and I had planned to go to the Keys as a graduation present and I wanted to meet up with her while we were there. Well, with the divorce, not only are we not going together but there was no way I could afford to go. So this absolute ANGEL buys me tickets to her place and they just appear in my email! How crazy is that? While we have been talking and connecting a lot, I haven't laid eyes on her since 1985...yes, that's 85. So I don't know if this is some crazy karma that's coming my way from the countless sacrifices over the last 10 years or from opening my home to a girl I worked with but didn't know, and her 4 year old daughter, while she was going through a divorce back in 2000 or if it's just a gift from God or what. Regardless, I need to look for ways to pay this forward. The generosity of the gesture moves me (and quite frankly, makes me a little uncomfortable) but I'm going to try and just be gracious, say thank you and enjoy the trip! Unexpected kindness can change someone's life. Let's all go change someone's life! =)

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