Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Blah day

Today I woke up and stayed sleepy all day. It's rainy, cold and damp and I never could wake up all the way but couldn't sleep when I tried to nap either (my napping days are seriously numbered so I at least wanted to try).

I split the day between nursing and trail. I started an excel spreadsheet to track recommended equipment, cost and weight. I bookmarked some recommended websites and flagged some AT blogs. Then I studied a little. Getting ready to hit ACLS in the final semester and want to get a jump start on strips. Man, this shit is HARD! There's like eleventybillion rhythms out there and every fourth one looks the same. BAH! I found a great website that not only explains them well but also has a 60-second strip ID game. So if all else fails, repetition. I wouldn't have to be great at this but I want to be. Partly because that's my nature and partly because I want to be in the ED or some kind of critical care. Also reviewed fluids, electrolytes, PaCo2, pH, bicarb, acidosis, alkalosis and skimmed endocrine (I HATE the endocrine system). 17.5 weeks...wow, hard to believe they'll let me loose on real people in such a short amount of time. I still have to find my first IV and catheter for crying out loud...WHAT ARE THEY THINKING?

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