Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Nursing school gripe

Okay so here it is Wednesday. We start our final level next Monday. We have twice the class load as normal. And there's NOTHING ON OUR SCHEDULES. Nothing. Usually by now I'm printing out a rainforest, getting folders organized and lamenting about having to attend first week orientation nonsense AGAIN. But there's not a single thing out there. Wth? Is every nursing program like this? Do they all act like they don't do this every semester?? Seriously, I just don't understand. I mean, don't get me wrong. I have LOVED nursing school but this kind of thing goes on constantly (schedule changes, conflicting information, no information, etc) and after awhile, it just kind of wears on a person, you know? UGH

And let it be said. EKGs are a bitch! The website I found has helped a lot. Here are the rhythms I can now  identify: NSR(duh), brady, tachy, sinus arrhythmia, SVT, Afib, Aflutter, paced atrial, NSR with PVC, third degree AV block, Vtach, Vfib, paced ventrical and of course asystole (duh). The ones that trip me up are: sinus exit block, sinus arrest, all the dang AVBs except third (there are 4 others), junctionals and IVRs. Who knew there were so many rhythms?! I saw a RBBB pointed out on one yesterday and was all "how do you even SEE THAT??" Maybe someday it will all make sense. I used to feel the same way about lab values, acid/base balance and electrolytes and now I can recite them in my sleep. Just don't ask me to list of insulins. I need a cheat card in my badge for that. Rote memorization is not my thing and I just can't get the hang of them.

Off to do something that involves little brain power. Lifetime Movie Channel maybe? =)

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