Monday, January 14, 2013

Level 4 Orientation and dreaming

1 word: painful. Okay that was actually 3 words. Well, NOW I just blew it completely. Seriously, how do they stretch out rounding (yes, the kind you learned in 4th grade - if it's 5+, round up; below 5, round down), dilution, a syllabus and schedule into 8.5 hours?? And that's just for Pedi. I get to do it ALL over again tomorrow for MS3. it May yet??

On a more fun front, I spent most of yesterday stalking AT peeps on whiteblaze and the good badger. Can't wait for 2017!

I think there's a pattern here. Maybe I need to learn to be more present. Okay, here it goes: I'm presently looking forward to the future. That's the best I can do today. If you had been with me since 0800, you'd totally understand. Seriously though, I generally love life and look forward to another day above ground tomorrow, God willing. Have a great week, everyone. Or the 1 that is reading right now. =)

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