Saturday, January 5, 2013

Home again...

Slackblogging again, I know. Well, after months and months of "I don't know", I came back expecting an answer. Well, expecting a divorce actually. But there's just more "I don't know". And for the first time, that's actually okay with me because I don't know anymore either. And I have way too much to focus on to let this situation continue to drain my emotional energy. My time home with my family was very good for me. Helped remind me who I am, made me stronger. I thank God daily for them. So now I know I'm strong enough to get through whatever comes my way. He's been pondering things since meeting with his counselor yesterday morning and wants to talk again tomorrow.  We'll see. I feel bound to the promises I made to him and I'm willing to go forward. But I'm not willing to be yanked around. So, my mental energies are going elsewhere for now.

On a good note, I received several emails last night from our automated school scheduling system and my MedSurg 3 schedule looks great. I'm at my favorite hospital and am in the ICU, SICU, ER and one other floor I'm happy with. The schedule itself is brutal 2 days of the week for the first 7 weeks and then I'm off MedSurg and on to Pedi. And then GRADUATION!! I have one week of break left. Time to do some review. Ready to be done with school and with this phase of my life in general.

Still doing a lot of reading/dreaming about the AT...something else to look forward to. I was driving through the mountains on the way home and thought about how beautiful it will be to hike it instead of driving it.  I've been contemplated starting some 2-3 day hikes this year. But I have ZERO gear and gear is expensive. So is school. So it will have to wait. Another reason to get this school phase over. Girl needs some cash!

Thanks to those of you who have given me a read and sent some juju my way. Much appreciated (even if you haven't actually taken the time to comment, a-HEM). Peace...

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