Monday, December 31, 2012

Today's Smile...

Yesterday I was having serious technical difficulties posting from my phone. Blogger kept telling me to download Google+ in order to post pictures. I already HAVE Google+ on my phone. I tried everything and finally gave up. So no post yesterday. I have decided to post yesterday's post today. I know, I know, only two posts in and I'm already lazy. On the Appalachian Trail, this can be referred to as slackpacking. So I guess today I am slackblogging. Deal with it. Last night's post, enjoy...and no heckling from the peanut gallery! Assuming someone is actually reading.

"I meant for today's post to be more lengthy but this made my day. My niece, whom I adore,  decided  she needed dreds to go with today's Packer game (not a WORD, people!). I showed her how to finger crochet and I did the assembly. The pose is quintessential Madigan. Who has time to dwell on a failing marriage or stress about nursing school with that FACE? Ugh, LOVE her!"

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