Friday, March 22, 2013

Fun week!

Okay, okay, so I've been seriously slack blogging but honestly, life has been blissfully calm (albeit busy) as of late. Spring break offered up some much needed sleep and wine. This has been my first week back and I've flipped clinicals from MedSurg3 to Pediactrics. Our Pedi instructor is not the most organized person on the planet and our clinicals are all over the place. I had one on Monday and then another today. Monday was at a pediatric orphanage of sorts where developmentally or physically (or both) children live whose parents won't/can't care for them. Sad place but at least someone is watching out for them. I had a 5 year old little girl who physically looked/weighed in at about 3 years old and was developmentally about 4 months old. Blind, on a vent and full code. FULL CODE. Her parents are in jail and her grandmother never comes to see her. And she's full code. Don't even get me started. But she was precious. I wanted to take her home myself! Today was much more fun. I got to be a school nurse for about 600 4th and 5th graders today. What a blast!! I sure wish it paid better because it was a blast being around all of those kids!

All is quiet in divorce-ville. As long as we don't talk about our relationship or his mother, we coexist well. This is good since we have to until about July.

Nothing new on the job front. I was hoping to hear back from the hospice by now but no long. BUT, my old clinical instructor from Level 1 gave me another hospice lead this week. How sweet is she?? So hopefully something will work out in the next 49 days. YES, I SAID 49 DAYS!!! I'm so ready. A brand new life at 46. Not what I planned but why the hell not? =)

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