Sunday, January 27, 2013

Diva Cup review and other unmentionables...

WARNING: Sensitive and graphic information to follow. Think detailed menstruation and inguinal boils. You've been warned.

Okay, so I woke up this morning and saw that it was time for Experiment Diva Cup to commence. I had worked with its insertion and removal (removal was an experiment in pulling arm muscles, sweating and general hilarity...that little sucker ADHESES well!), so I was ready and looking forward to giving it a try. Got it in no problem. It's been in now about 8 hours and I sat to write this entry and rave about it when I felt a gush. I quick peek in the waistband and yep, we have leakage on the panty liner. Quite a bit but not enough to derail blogging just yet. So either I didn't suction it on good enough this morning or Aunt Flow is just that heavy. That's a possibility since sometimes it's like I'm giving birth to a placenta over and over for two days. We'll see when I'm done here and I'll fill in you eager readers tomorrow. I'm sure your breath is bated. Overall though, I'm super happy with it. I didn't notice it at all and while I did still cramp, I never had to take anything for it which is practically unheard of. I'm usually doubled over in pain and on the pot all day with diarrhea. They're monster cramps - it's been that way since junior high school. What a fun 32 years it's been. Anyway, they are much milder than usual and I read that the silicone has something to do with that. Who knows? But like Jordana said in her post, what I think I'm happiest about is the odor control. I retain a lot of water during my cycle and that usually fills up my tampons as much as anything else and I end up with wet underwear that smell like pee. I hate it! So I'm super happy about that. But I was really hoping it would last the 12 hours as promised because that's how long my shifts are and taking care of it at work would have an "ick" factor I'm not comfortable with. As a patient, I don't think I'd want a nurse starting an IV in me that  just had to take care of her Diva Cup. Yes, I've heard of soap and hand sanitizer but still...maybe it's just me.

On a different note, I have a discomfort of an altogether worse kind. I'm prone to boils in my nether regions. Right where the thigh attaches. Contrary to popular opinion, these are not always hygiene issues. I'm fastidiously hygienic. I used to only get them when I would go for a run and then not shower immediately after (which I hate doing because it doesn't give me enough time to cool down). This started after my first 12 hour shift this week so I'm thinking it's basically the same thing. All that sweating "down there" and no time to shower until I got home. Does anyone else deal with these suckers?? I can hardly walk and it wakes me up constantly in the middle of the night. They take days to come to a head and are so painful! Probably a little TMI, I know.

Stay tuned tomorrow for DC and boils, part 2. sigh...I need to get a life. =)  UPDATE: Not sure why it leaked. Maybe the way I was sitting broke suction. All is well and it's back in place.

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