Thursday, February 7, 2013

Another 48 behind me!

Well, as much as I dread the 48 hrs of hell each week, I will admit it goes pretty fast. And here I sit, typing away, with a 4 day weekend stretched out in front of me with NO test next week! That means just some clinical paperwork tomorrow and the rest of the weekend is MINE to do with whatever I wish. I had planned on a 10-mile hike in the Ouachitas but the weather is supposed to be miserable so I think I'll postpone. Of course a good student would use this time to study strips, practice codes, catch up on ACLS,  etc. But I'm thinking not. Well, maybe on Monday.

So I've decided to attend graduation for sure. What the hell, it's only about an hour and let's face it...I love these kids I'm in school with. I'm nearly as excited to see them graduate as I am to do so myself. So at least one thing in my life is decided! Everything else will have to wait because I don't need another trip to urgent care with the bloated face from hell. So I've downloaded the first season of The Wire and I think this weekend will be mindless TV and many glasses of wine.

Ha! Deer in headlights...get it??

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